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Utilizing Incentives and Consequences in Automotive Repair

People respond to incentives and avoid consequences. In the automotive repair business these two concepts can be employed effectively in dealings with customers as well as personnel. Important factors driving customers when it comes to vehicle ownership are safety and cost of ownership. When marketing and sales efforts incorporate incentives and consequences positive results can be achieved. Using performance based incentives with personnel can be an effective way to drive sales while consequences can be used to contain operational problems. Following are areas in which incentives and consequences can be used in automotive repair:

  1. Marketing – Incentives and consequences can be very powerful when incorporated into marketing efforts. People respond to incentives and avoid consequences. Using incentives in marketing efforts will offer customers more motivation to have their vehicles serviced …Read More >>
  2. Sales – People respond to incentives and avoid consequences. Recognizing these two ideas and incorporating them into the sales process will contribute greatly to success in automotive repair sales …Read More >>
  3. Operations – Like all people – automotive repair personnel will respond to incentives and avoid consequences. Often compensation is incentive based with corresponding consequences for negative outcomes resulting from striving for goals …Read More >>

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