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Marketing with Incentives and Consequences in Automotive Repair

Incentives and consequences can be very powerful when incorporated into marketing efforts. People respond to incentives and avoid consequences. Using incentives in marketing efforts will offer customers more motivation to have their vehicles serviced. Communicating the consequences of not having services performed will motivate customers to have their vehicles services in order to avoid the negative ramifications of not having them done. And finally incentives can be offered to encourage customers to participate in marketing an auto repair shop through online reviews. Following are examples of areas in which incentives and consequences can be employed in auto repair shop marketing:

  1. Maintenance – Most automotive repair shops market service interval maintenance to existing customers. Reminders are sent to the customer when maintenance is due based on vehicle mileage or months since last performed. To further encourage the customer to have the maintenance performed the messages can include consequences of not having them done such as possible safety problems or higher repair costs. Also an explanation of why maintenance should be performed at time intervals regardless of miles driven will make the message more powerful. For example – with oil changes it can be explained that oil deteriorates over time whether or not the vehicle is driven or not.
  2. Marketing Programs – Programs such as specials on specific services can help to encourage customers to have service performed. Pricing incentives such as discounts or 1 free service for every so many purchased will encourage customers to have their vehicles serviced. Customer loyalty rewards can also be a powerful incentive encouraging customers to have their vehicles maintained.
  3. Safety – One of the most important concerns for customers when having their vehicle maintained is safety. A very effective way to earn customer trust is to promote an emphasis on safety. For instance offering a free safety inspection on every vehicle will give customers confidence that they’ll be safe driving their car.
  4. Reviews – In today’s world – positive reviews have become more than a powerful force in earning new business – they’ve become a necessity. Statistics tell us that more than eighty percent of consumers rely on reviews when selecting a merchant. So it would stand to reason that offering customers an incentive for taking the time to post a review would be a worthwhile investment.

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