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Three Key Points on Automotive Repair Sales

Making the most of the automotive repair sales process can increase revenue and help to build long term relationships with customers. Auto repair shop owners and service advisors are very good at presenting service and repair requirements to customers and over time they develop and refine their skill set in this area. Reviewing and thinking through the detail components of the process will further strengthen these skills. Focusing on the buying decision process, developing an effective sales strategy then mapping out the sales process will positively impact relationships and ultimately business success. Following are key points on automotive repair sales:

  1. Align the Sales Process with the Buying Decision Process – When consumers purchase goods and services they generally go through five phases referred to as the Buying Decision Process. Understanding these phases can help to formulate marketing and service solutions that will win and retain customers … Read More >>
  2. Develop the Sales Strategy – A sales strategy is a plan that positions a company’s service offering in such a way that a competitive advantage is gained. A successful strategy will provide methods that allow sales personnel to communicate with customers in such a way that the relationship between desired benefits and service offerings is highlighted … Read More >>
  3. Engineer the Sales Process – The sales process is a step by step definition of the phases involved in earning business. The process is intended to define the approach to acquiring new customers but many of the phases are applicable for repeat business as well … Read More >>

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