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Managing Auto Repair Service and Quality

One of the most important responsibilities of management is the delivery of quality service. Premium service is dependent on clearly defined business processes and procedures. When personnel understand how to perform their responsibilities so that production is optimized positive results are achieved. Following are points on managing service quality:

  1. Quality Problems are Usually Process Oriented – Over 80% of service and quality problems are management related. In other words the majority of deficiencies in service delivery are not due to employee negligence or poor performance they’re the result of non-existent or poorly defined business processes.
  2. Service Quality Affects Operating Costs – Improving service and quality will reduce operating costs. The primary objective of any manager is to maximize profits. Superior service delivered through well-defined business processes will reduce costs and thus increase profits.
  3. Organizational Objectives Should Remain in Focus – Management involves keeping the team focused on results and deliverables. Employees can become so engaged in the activities of their jobs that they lose sight of the ultimate objectives and deliverables. So it’s up to management to keep the focus on service and the customer.

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