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Using Key Performance Indicators in Automotive Repair Management

In the automotive repair business circumstances will always require management attention. If a business is to sustain positive growth then key performance indicators can be evaluated to identify areas to which attention should be focused. When utilizing key performance indicators they should always be compared to bench marks such as industry averages to determine whether or not the shop is competitive. Identifying areas of weakness and strength will give any business an advantage over the competition. Following are three primary areas in which key performance indicators can be applied:

  1. Auto Repair Marketing Key Performance Indicators – Key performance indicators can be very effective in assessing the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Questions such as: Are we acquiring customers at an acceptable rate; Are we doing a good enough job of keeping existing customers; Are we performing the appropriate mix of repair vs preventive maintenance work can be answered … Read More>>
  2. Auto Repair Sales Key Performance Indicators – There are several key performance indicators that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the sales process. As with all indicators they should be compared to effective benchmarks such as industry averages or same month previous year … Read More >>
  3. Auto Repair Operational Key Performance Indicators – Automotive repair operations can be evaluated using a number of key performance indicators. In this area the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes can be measured and improved if necessary … Read More >>

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