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Maintaining Customer Service Levels in an Expanding Economy

A growing economy presents a number of challenges for a small business. Hiring and retaining quality employees becomes more difficult while at the same time demand for services is likely to increase. This combination of factors increases the chance of service quality suffering and care must be taken not to allow this to happen. An uptick in economic growth presents an opportunity for business growth and success and in order to take advantage of the circumstances care must be taken to ensure consistency in service quality.

During times of increased business activity the tendency to cut corners becomes more pronounced. And cutting corners will increase the likelihood of a reduction in service quality. One way to avoid these pitfalls is to invest more time in activities outside the actual production process that will speed operational execution such as preparation and planning. In short this could be looked at as being proactive versus reactive. In a reactive environment inefficiencies increase as work volume becomes greater. Thus with limited resources and increased sales volume – time spent on activities that will speed work execution will ensure that adequate time is left to provide quality service.

Earning a customer’s business can take a considerable investment and building a long term relationship even more so. The last thing a small business wants is to sacrifice a solid relationship in the interest of taking advantage of new opportunities. So in times of economic growth it’s imperative that service quality levels are maintained.

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