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Eliminating Waste in Auto Repair Operations

Eliminating waste in automotive repair operations will reduce cycle time, increase vehicle throughput, achieve greater sales volume and increase profits. Waste in the repair cycle can be found in redundancy, unneeded actions and information lag time. Waste can be costly and focusing on eliminating it will make a business more competitive. Following are areas in which waste can be identified and eliminated:

  1. Redundancy – Redundancy exists in auto repair operations when the same work is performed more than once. The most common occurrence of this is when information is written on paper then entered into the shop management system as opposed to entering it directly at the point it’s formulated … Read More >>
  2. Unnecessary Actions – Achieving maximum efficiency in automotive repair operations involves identifying and eliminating unnecessary and wasteful steps in business processes. This type of analysis requires looking at and identifying unnecessary activities and process flow disconnects … Read More >>
  3. Information Lag Time – Whenever there is a period of time between when an event occurs and that activity is recorded in the shop management system information lag occurs. This means that there is a delay in when the completion of part of the repair process is known by others who depend on it … Read More >>

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