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A Look at Leadership Styles

One of the primary functions of management in automotive repair is to lead. And there are many different leadership styles that can be assumed by an auto repair shop owner or manager. Often in these types of discussions people tend to merge the traits and practices of leaders with those of managers as often they’re the same person. In this discussion we’ll do our best to separate leadership from management. The clearest definition of the difference this writer is aware of is the statement ‘Leaders do right things – managers do things right’. This tells us that leadership can be accomplished through management but management can’t always be accomplished through leadership. For this discussion we’ll attempt to focus on those leadership styles that would not likely be found as a type of management style.

A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame and a little less than his share of the credit … Arnold H. Glasow

  1. Transformational Leadership – Transformational leadership refers to a style by which an intellectually stimulating environment is created in the workplace through effective communication. This leadership style profoundly influences others and raises the performance level of the other members of the organization … Read More >>
  2. Servant Leadership – Servant leadership refers to a style by which a power sharing model of authority is employed and collective decision making is practiced. The essence of servant leadership is to foster leadership in subordinates… Read More >>
  3. Situational Leadership – Situational leadership refers to providing direction in accordance with a given set of circumstances. This often requires a good degree of flexibility on the part of the leader but can be very effective in handling business issues and moving the organization forward… Read More >>

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