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The Servant Leadership Style

Servant leadership refers to a style by which a power sharing model of authority is employed and collective decision making is practiced. The essence of servant leadership is to foster leadership in subordinates. The more people can contribute – the more the company will advance. Following are three attributes of people who practice the servant leadership style:

  1. Ability to Listen – Servant leaders establish group direction by listening to the group. When the state of the group and their focus is ascertained the leader can offer direction in the most effective way.
  2. Use of Persuasion – A servant leader will rely on persuasion to guide subordinates rather than positional authority. Effort is directed at conveying an understanding of the merits of a chosen direction in order to gain support.
  3. Commitment to Growth – The servant leader is committed to growth of the individuals in their organization. They act on the premise that the more people grow the more they can contribute.

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