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Managing Process Flow in Automotive Repair

Organizing the processes within an automotive repair operation is one of the principle responsibilities of management. Well organized, clearly defined processes will have a huge impact on business success. There are numerous processes within an auto repair shop with the vehicle repair process being primary. Following are points on organizing three significant processes within and auto repair business:

  1. Customer and Vehicle Repair Requirements – The primary process in an automotive repair environment is the process by which vehicle repair requirements are identified, sold to the customer, performed then delivered. The elements of this process can become quite diverse and can be a challenge as the volume of work increases. A clearly defined and organized process by which these activities are performed can make a huge difference in times of intense activity. Also when there are personnel changes or employee absences an organized process makes execution easier.
  2. Parts Sourcing and Receipt – Deciding which part to use on a vehicle, ordering the part, receiving it, forwarding it for repair and paying for it is a major process in an automotive repair environment. Organization and definition of this process is essential as the impact on operations is significant. More and more – shops are moving toward just in time inventory (stocking little inventory and ordering parts as needed) making this process more and more critical. When the process is clearly defined and well organized operational work flow will be positively impacted.
  3. Vehicle Drop off and Delivery – The part of vehicle repair that customers like the least is dropping off and picking up their vehicle. This takes time and in today’s fast paced world people don’t have enough of it. Defining processes on both ends that minimize the time the customer spends will provide major value.

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