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Auto Repair Shop Organization

One of the primary responsibilities of management in automotive repair is organization of the work environment. A well-organized environment not only has a positive impact on productivity and thus profitability it also affects customer relations as people will be more apt to do business with a well-run organization.  The major components of auto repair shop organization are physical layout, personnel organization and process flow. Following are points on shop organization:

  1. Physical Layout – All aspects of a business operation are interrelated. The physical layout of an auto repair shop floor is the basis upon which the business operates … Read More >>
  2. Personnel Organization – An automotive repair operation at some point may find the need to organize personnel and divide responsibilities between people. In doing so it’s important to recognize whether activities within the business are value add or non-value add … Read More >>
  3. Process Flow – Organizing the processes within an automotive repair operation is one of the principle responsibilities of management. Well organized, clearly defined processes will have a huge impact on business success … Read More >>

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