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Customer Retention Strategies for Automotive Repair

Customer retention is a very important factor in the automotive repair business. It’s so important that there are businesses that specialize in this area of marketing specifically for auto repair and act as service providers to auto repair shops. Customer retention efforts focus on encouraging existing customers to return for service on their vehicles. Outbound marketing is the most widely employed method of retaining customers however a more complete approach also includes inbound marketing as well as customer retention management,

  1. Customer Retention Focused Outbound Marketing – Outbound marketing can be viewed as an integral part of customer retention and is widely employed in the auto repair industry. The focus in this regard is to encourage existing customers to return to the shop to have their vehicles serviced … Read More >>
  2. Inbound Marketing and Customer Retention – Inbound marketing can be employed in an effort to acquire new customers but can be equally as powerful in retaining existing customers. The foundation of inbound marketing is providing value primarily through information sharing … Read More >>
  3. Customer Retention Management – When managing customer retention it’s important to evaluate the effectiveness of efforts directed at this objective. This is measured in a key performance indicator referred to as the customer retention rate … Read More >>

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