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Inbound Marketing and Customer Retention in Automotive Repair

Inbound marketing can be employed in an effort to acquire new customers but can be equally as powerful in retaining existing customers. The foundation of inbound marketing is providing value primarily through information sharing. Sharing knowledge on vehicle ownership can be very influential in cultivating and reinforcing existing customer relationships. Inbound marketing can be employed in a number of different ways. Following are points on inbound marketing for customer retention:


  1. Inbound Marketing – Inbound marketing is a term that refers to a marketing method based on providing value and building relationships over time. Conversely traditional marketing or advertising is referred to as outbound marketing … Read More >>
  2. Content Marketing – Digital marketing or Internet marketing is becoming more and more widely used and Inbound Marketing is becoming more powerful than Outbound Marketing  every day. Content marketing is a powerful component of inbound marketing … Read More >>
  3. Social Media Marketing – Social media has become a widely used venue for people to send and receive information. This use of the Internet allows communication with large audiences … Read More >>

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