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Customer Retention Focused Outbound Marketing for Automotive Repair

Outbound marketing can be viewed as an integral part of customer retention and is widely employed in the auto repair industry. The focus in this regard is to encourage existing customers to return to the shop to have their vehicles serviced. Marketing tools such as service due reminders, recommendation reminders and lube stickers can be employed to promote services offered by the shop. Also, incentives such as customer loyalty rewards can be offered to encourage customers to return for service. Following are outbound marketing strategies that are effective for customer retention:

  1. Service Reminders – Correspondence with customers can be one of the most powerful influences in customer retention. Communication should take place frequently enough to remind the customer of the company’s service but not so often as to become a nuisance … Read More >>
  2. Lube Stickers – Referred to by a number of different names such as Lube Stickers, Oil Change Stickers, Service Reminder Labels, etc. the impact of these small items can be one of the most powerful marketing tools available to an Auto Repair shop … Read More >>
  3. Customer Loyalty Rewards – When a customer has a choice of a number of service providers accumulated earned rewards will influence their decision to stay with a business. Loyalty rewards can be managed and used in a number of ways to encourage customers to do business with a shop … Read More >>

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