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Digital Marketing Basics for the Automotive Repair Business

Digital Marketing is becoming more and more prevalent while the use of print advertising is diminishing. Also with the advent of digital marketing the use of inbound marketing continues to grow. While the basics of outbound marketing were defined decades ago and continue to be refined to this day – inbound marketing is relatively new and is less well defined. Likewise digital marketing is relatively new and is still in its early stages. Thus being cognizant of marketing basics and employing them in campaigns is important. Following are points on the basics of digital marketing:

  1. The Digital Marketing Foundation – Digital Marketing is comprised of a wide breadth of venues including social media marketing, content marketing, review sites and various other Internet marketing alternatives. Whether marketing campaigns are focused on Inbound or Outbound objectives – ultimately stimulating interest will drive traffic to the company website … Read More >>
  2. Digital Inbound Marketing Basics – Inbound Marketing is a significant part of digital marketing and any business today must include it in their campaigns in order to be competitive. The good thing about inbound marketing is that it requires time and little or no cost … Read More >>
  3. Digital Outbound Marketing Basics – Inbound Marketing is becoming more and more widely used every day. However businesses still need to rely on traditional advertising or Outbound Marketing. Even though outbound marketing is employed largely through digital venues these days the same time tested principals that have been used for decades still apply … Read More >>

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