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Digital Outbound Marketing Basics for Automotive Repair

Inbound Marketing is becoming more and more widely used every day. However businesses still need to rely on traditional advertising or Outbound Marketing. Even though outbound marketing is employed largely through digital venues these days the same time tested principals that have been used for decades still apply. Using the most effective venue, building powerful marketing messages and developing a good marketing mix are all critical factors. Following are points on the basics of outbound marketing:

  1. Don’t Employ Outbound Marketing in Inbound Venues – It’s best to separate inbound marketing from outbound as much as possible. Employing outbound marketing messages through venues that are better suited to inbound marketing can diminish their effectiveness. For example – Facebook allows people to post items that they think will be of interest to others. So for business use – Facebook postings are well suited to Inbound Marketing. Information of interest to the target audience fits very well here. By contrast Facebook Ads are more geared to outbound marketing making it a better fit for advertising.
  2. Employ the AIDA formula – The AIDA marketing model is based on the events that occur when a customer is exposed to an advertisement. The acronym stands for attention, interest, desire and action
  3. Use the Four Ps to Develop an Effective Marketing Mix – In the basics of marketing – the marketing mix is defined as being comprised of 4 components – Product, Price, Place and Promotion. As in any other effort – focusing on the basics will result in a firm foundation from which to grow.

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