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Digital Inbound Marketing Basics for Automotive Repair

Inbound Marketing is a significant part of digital marketing and any business today must include it in their campaigns in order to be competitive. The good thing about inbound marketing is that it requires time and little or no cost. And as with any other discipline it’s important to stick to the basics and employ them in all efforts. Following are key points on inbound marketing basics:

  1. Choose the Best Venues – Inbound marketing campaigns can be orchestrated through a variety of venues such as email, blog postings, online articles and social media. All have pluses and minuses in terms of ease of use and impact. The good thing about inbound marketing is that for the most part it only requires time – however time is limited. Also depending on the circumstances some venues will reach the desired audience better than others. So it’s important to choose the best venues and give them the highest priority.
  2. Provide Value – The objective of inbound marketing is to provide value. That is – information that will be of value to the audience. In this context the purpose of any writing or posting is to offer useful knowledge to the reader. In automotive repair the target audience is the vehicle owner. The automotive repair professional has expertise in how to improve the vehicle ownership experience. So providing information on related topics will be effective.
  3. Be Concise – Information provided for inbound marketing purposes should be able to be absorbed in a matter of minutes. People are inundated with information these days so they’re judicious about what they’ll spend their time on. If an article or posting is too long they’ll lose interest in it.

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