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Building a Digital Marketing Foundation for Automotive Repair

Digital Marketing is comprised of a wide breadth of venues including social media marketing, content marketing, review sites and various other Internet marketing alternatives.  Whether marketing campaigns are focused on Inbound or Outbound objectives – ultimately stimulating interest will drive traffic to the company website. Thus success in digital marketing is dependent on a well- constructed website. Following are points on the website as the foundation of digital marketing:

  1. The Components of an Effective Website – There are many factors that contribute to the effectiveness of a website but they all boil down to being found and connecting with prospective customers when they visit the site. An effective website will communicate the benefits of doing business with the automotive repair shop while at the same time attracting visitors
  2. Include Inbound and Outbound Marketing – The primary objectives of a company website are to establish credibility and to promote services offered. In other words the main focus of a website should focus on outbound marketing . To achieve maximum effectiveness a certain portion of the website should focus on building relationships through providing value or inbound marketing. The website – acting as a storefront for the business should provide information on the company and the services offered and should also include information that will be valued by visitors (vehicle owners).
  3. Promote Differentiation – The objective of a website is to encourage visitors to do business with the company. To accomplish this – the site should communicate what differentiates the automotive repair shop from competing businesses. If an auto repair shop hasn’t gone through developing a differentiation strategy a good way to determine this is to ask existing customers why they choose the business over the competition.

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