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Four Reasons to Use Content Marketing in Automotive Repair

As time marches on traditional marketing becomes less and less effective and content marketing becomes more and more effective. Not only is the cost associated with content marketing much less than traditional advertising but the results are significantly better. It should also be noted that the results of content marketing are cumulative so the sooner it’s implemented the better. Following are four reasons to use content marketing:

  1. Content Marketing is More Effective – Statistical analysis tells us that content marketing can generate more than three times as many leads as traditional advertising while costing less than half as much.
  2. Lead Growth is Increased – Small businesses with blogs experience more than double the lead growth of those that don’t. The blog is the mostly widely used venue for content posting. An automotive repair shop with a blog as part of their website will have an advantage over shops that don’t.
  3. Conversion Rates are Higher – Content marketing will result in rates of converting people to leads and leads to customers as high as six times that of traditional advertising. The relationship building resulting from content marketing makes it much easier for people to become customers.
  4. Search Engine Rankings are Boosted – Websites that have regularly posted blog articles will have rankings higher than those that don’t. This means that when people search on the Internet for an automotive repair shop the website that employs content marketing will come up higher on the list.

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