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Five Steps to Implementing Content Marketing in Automotive Repair

The key to successful content marketing is to define a strategy and get started. Once content marketing is initiated it becomes easier and easier. Posting content and inviting readers are the critical points. The more posts per month the greater the impact. The greater the number of readers the greater the benefits will be. Following are steps to implementing content marketing:

  1. Define a Strategy – As with any other business endeavor it’s important to define a content marketing strategy before engaging. Without a clearly defined strategy the effectiveness of content marketing will be diminished.
  2. Set up a Blog – Blogging is the easiest way to employ content marketing. A blog that’s part of the company website will yield maximum benefits but if that’s not practical a blog site will work.
  3. Start Posting – Generating content and posting it is the crux of content marketing. If time constraints or other factors are an issue there are content marketing service companies that can help. Diverting marketing resources from traditional advertising to content marketing will yield positive results.
  4. Invite Readers – The easiest place to start is with the existing customer base. Notify them by email or when they come to the shop. Let them know that the content is available. Prospects can be engaged when they contact the shop for quotes, etc.
  5. Listen to Your Readers – If you’re lucky people will tell you what they like and what they don’t like. This information can be invaluable in terms of continuously producing more and more valuable content.

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