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Managing your Auto Repair Business through your Shop Management System

Today’s shop management systems are able to support many of the business processes performed by the automotive repair shop. Even with the capabilities of these software systems many shops still handle some or all of these functions outside of their systems. There are a number of reasons that these situations exist however the impact on shop performance is significant. Every time a process is performed outside the shop management system a productivity loss is incurred and in some cases potential sales are lost. A productivity increase equates to an increase in capacity as more time is made available for value-add activities. A shop that manages as much of its business as possible through its shop management system can achieve greater vehicle throughput and recognize improved performance at many levels.

  1. Utilizing the Shop Management System – Auto repair shop owners are usually very cognizant of the level of resource utilization in their business. They want to see all bays in their shop being utilized to their fullest … Read More >>
  2. Managing Customer Interaction – The points in the repair cycle at which customer interactions occur are often handled outside the shop management software system. These activities are often based on processes that were formulated years ago and are still handled that way … Read More >>
  3. Parts Sourcing and Procurement – An area of activity that is sometimes handled outside the software system is parts sourcing and procurement. The reasons for handling things this way vary but if parts processing can be performed through the shop management system the benefits are significant … Read More >>
  4. Managing Technician Work – The interaction between the service advisor and the technician is still handled outside the software system by some shops. Managing these activities through the software system can have a major impact on productivity, sales and profits. The more these activities are performed through the system the more time is available for value-add activities … Read More >>

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