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Social Selling Strategies in Automotive Repair

Social Selling is a term that refers to the use of social media to facilitate the sales process. To differentiate between Social Media Marketing and Social Selling the most significant defining factor is that social marketing is one to many whereas social selling is one to one. Once a firm Social Media Platform is established a combination of social marketing and social selling can be incorporated into a company business strategy. Personal relationships are an integral part of sales and no one understands this better than an automotive repair service advisor. Social media can be used to build and support the relationships that successful selling relies on.

  1. Relationship Building Through Social Selling – The greatest power in the use of social media is that of relationship building. Inbound Marketing through social media has proven to be effective and is based on building trust and relationships over time through providing value … Read More >>
  2. Leveraging the Personal Nature of Social Media – One of the most significant benefits that can be derived from social media comes from the willingness of people to share personal information. When a person sets up a profile on social media it often contains information about their experiences and areas of interest … Read More >>
  3. Practicing Social First … Sales Second – It should always be remembered that a relationship is more valuable than a sale. Being cognizant of this when using social media to support the sales process can make the difference between success and failure … Read More >>

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