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Auto Repair and Leveraging the Personal Nature of Social Media

One of the most significant benefits that can be derived from social media comes from the willingness of people to share personal information. When a person sets up a profile on social media it often contains information about their experiences and areas of interest. Postings can provide the same type of information. People post information on social media that they want to share and it’s often about themselves or their point of view. In sales a big part of the battle is in research and preparation. In today’s digital world – social media can prove to be a valuable asset in this process.

  1. Interacting on a Personal Level – For someone you have an established relationship with (such as an existing customer) this can be pretty straight forward. Keeping up with their postings and connecting through likes and comments can work pretty easily. With someone that’s not too well known this can get a little more tricky. It’s easy to appear intrusive if things go too far or become too personal. However if used diligently – interactions through social media can be an invaluable part of social selling.
  2. Performing Pre-Sales Research – Social media can be very useful in preparing for direct sales interaction. A good deal of business in automotive repair is done by appointment. So in addition to preparing for the planned repair work – a beneficial practice would be to prepare for the direct sales interaction that takes place at the point of sale. Spending some time reviewing what’s currently trending in the customer’s life can make the sales interaction more positive and effective.
  3. Separating Personal from Business – When dealing with customers and prospects the relationship is based on business. The amount of personal interaction that’s appropriate will vary from person to person. Some people are more open than others. Some people prefer to keep their personal life completely separate from their business life. In social selling it’s important to recognize where the line is drawn or attempts at using social media can backfire drastically.

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