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Social Media Marketing for Automotive Repair

Social media has become a widely used venue for people to send and receive information. This use of the Internet allows communication with large audiences. Consequently the use of social media for business marketing is no longer considered optional. When embarking on the path to using of social media for marketing – the starting point is to define a strategy and build a Social Media Platform. The advent of the Internet and social media gave rise to the use of Inbound Marketing <link>. Thus we now look at marketing as either inbound or outbound. The most effective marketing strategy will use both in the appropriate mix:

  1. Inbound Marketing – Inbound marketing is based on providing value thus building and sustaining relationships over time. Social media lends itself very well to this concept … Read More >>
  2. Outbound Marketing – The Internet and social media have stimulated the growth of Inbound Marketing. Thus the term Outbound Marketing was born to refer to traditional advertising … Read More >>
  3. Combined Inbound and Outbound Marketing – For maximum effect in social media marketing – a combination of inbound and outbound marketing can be used. Inbound marketing refers to building and sustaining relationships by providing value … Read More >>

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