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Social Media Based Outbound Marketing for Auto Repair

The Internet and social media have stimulated the growth of Inbound Marketing. Thus the term Outbound Marketing was born to refer to traditional advertising.  The term outbound connotes sending information in one direction which is what traditional advertising is. The posting activity available in social media can be an effective advertising venue. Although the primary premise of social media marketing is inbound – a reasonable amount of outbound marketing can also be incorporated into a marketing strategy.

  1. Facebook – Facebook can be used effectively for outbound marketing. Postings should be brief and are best focused on a simple service offering. Sales can also be posted to bring people’s attention to special offers. Also, Facebook Ads can be used although there is a charge for this. This is basically Internet based traditional advertising with the ability to specify target markets.
  2. Twitter – Tweets can be used for short quick advertising messages. Reminders of free services such as inspections can be communicated easily through Twitter.
  3. LinkedIn – LinkedIn doesn’t lend itself well to outbound advertising as it’s built for discussions as opposed to free form posts. However LinkedIn Ads can be used with targeted audiences for a price.
  4. YouTube – Short videos can be used very effectively for outbound advertising. Depictions of services offered and their corresponding benefits can be built into visual presentations that are interesting and easy to understand.
  5. Instagram – Similar to YouTube Instagram has the advantage of being visual and therefore easy for the viewer. A picture with a short description can be very effective.
  6. Blogging – Posting to a blog is more geared to inbound marketing. However it can be useful for outbound messaging when focused on announcements such as new services offered.

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