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Social Media Based Inbound Marketing for Auto Repair

Inbound marketing   is based on providing value thus building and sustaining relationships over time. Social media lends itself very well to this concept. In automotive repair the target market is largely consumer based however for the shops that service fleet accounts the audience will include businesses. The perspective of an individual may be somewhat different than a business owner depending on the topic so this should be considered when posting to social media for inbound marketing purposes.

  1. Facebook – Facebook has attained unparalleled popularity largely because it allows people to easily share their thoughts, perspectives and experiences with multiple people easily and for no cost. In other words it’s about them. Inbound marketing is based on building and sustaining relationships by providing value. In automotive repair posting information to Facebook that will benefit vehicle owners such as lowering the cost of vehicle ownership and improving safety will provide value.
  2. Twitter – A Tweet is essentially a short 140 character message. In the context of inbound marketing the message would contain information of value to the target audience. Effective examples would be reminders of seasonal vehicle preparation or preparing for a vacation trip or holiday. Any message that provides valuable information will accomplish the desired goal.
  3. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a little different when compared to other social media venues in that the connections are generally businesses and self-employed professionals. Also, the interactions on LinkedIn are largely based on discussions. However, in the context of inbound marketing the premise is still the same. Provide expertise and value through postings to foster reputation and relationship building.
  4. YouTube – YouTube supports posting of videos thus messages are communicated visually. Inbound marketing in automotive repair can be supported through this venue by providing visual descriptions of useful information related to vehicle ownership.
  5. Instagram – Instagram is used to share pictures. Thus offering a visual depiction of useful information to the vehicle owner would fit an automotive repair Inbound marketing strategy.
  6. Blogging – Posting content on a blog can be a powerful inbound marketing method. Offering information of value through blog postings can build and solidify relationships and enhance a professional image and reputation.

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