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Building an Automotive Repair Social Media Platform

Today social media is a necessary part of marketing for any business. There are dozens of different social media platforms available and they vary slightly in their focus and methods. But their main purpose is always the same – to connect. When using social media for business purposes the objective should be to provide value thus sustaining existing relationships and building new ones. Following are six of the most widely used social media venues:

  1. Facebook – When discussing social media the first venue mentioned is usually Facebook. Facebook has over a billion users and continues to grow at an astronomical rate … Read More >>
  2. Twitter – Twitter is recognized as one of the top social media platforms available today. It supports a high volume of small messages that are communicated real time … Read More >>
  3. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the premier social media site for business to business connections. The relationships established here will be with business owners and managers as well as self-employed professionals … Read More >>
  4. You Tube – Videos are a valuable part of any social media platform. Setting up a YouTube channel and posting videos to it can be a powerful way to communicate with current and prospective customers … Read More >>
  5. Instagram – Instagram is built for sharing pictures. In business it can be used for many purposes but like other social media venues the primary purpose is to connect with people … Read More >>
  6. Blogging – . Blogging can contribute a great deal to relationship building. The premise of providing value to build relationships is very well supported through blogging … Read More >>

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