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4 Keys to Using YouTube in Automotive Repair

Videos are a valuable part of any social media platform. Setting up a YouTube channel and posting videos to it can be a powerful way to communicate with current and prospective customers. As in all social media the focus should be on providing value. Following are keys to using YouTube:

  1. Setup Your Google+ Profile – Google owns YouTube and when you set up a company YouTube channel it will be linked to your company profile. Any place a company profile can be built on the Internet is an important part of marketing your brand and business but in terms of using YouTube the Google+ profile takes on added significance.
  2. Setup Your YouTube Channel – A YouTube channel can be customized in a number of ways including company logo, information links and more. A YouTube channel can be a powerful source of brand promotion and every advantage should be taken.
  3. Post Videos that Provide Value – As in all forms of inbound marketing interest is gained by delivering value. A video posted to YouTube contains more than just the video. The title is extremely important as it will be used when people search. So the title of the video should contain keywords and phrases used by people when they’re searching the Internet. Also a video is linked to a category and contains tags. These are also used when people search the Internet. Video content should be information that the target audience finds valuable such as how to maintain their vehicle or how to reduce the cost of vehicle ownership.
  4. Include Testimonials – Video testimonials from customers can be very powerful. People make buying decisions based on testimonials more and more. Video testimonials have a profound impact.

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