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The Benefits of Content Marketing in Automotive Repair

Content marketing involves creating and sharing valuable information without explicitly promoting business offerings but geared toward building credibility and relationships over time. Different venues have sprung up on the Internet that support this method of marketing and any or all of them can be employed. The key is to provide information that is quick and easy to understand. Following are examples of venues available for sharing content:

  1. Blog Postings – Posting blog entries is a very important component in Inbound Marketing <link>. Sharing information of value builds relationships and strengthens credibility. Writing blog postings on the company website will draw traffic and also boost search engine rankings. Acting as a guest blogger on other blog sites gains exposure and including links back to the company website will drive traffic to the business.
  2. Blog Comments – Commenting on the blog postings of others is a way of gaining publicity. It’s important when commenting to contribute to the original posting and provide information of value.
  3. Articles – Writings can be posted on ‘e-zine’ sites on the Internet. Authoring articles that vehicle owners find valuable will build credibility and relationships. Also providing info and links to the company and its website will drive traffic and thus grow business.
  4. Videos – Creating videos and posting them on You Tube can be a very effective method of attracting people and gaining exposure. Posting video content is a way of sharing information that people find easy to understand.
  5. Social Media – Postings on venues such as Facebook and Twitter can be effective methods of sharing content. Although Facebook as generally thought of as a venue for sharing personal information it can be used for posting business related content as well.

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