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Harnessing the Power of Internet Listings in Automotive Repair

Internet listing services provide people with a way to find businesses they seek. An automotive repair shop benefits by being included on credible listing services as their visibility on the Internet is increased. Also the shop website search engine ranking will be improved as one of the criteria search engines use to rank websites is the number of backlinks that point to the website from relevant Internet sources. Following are examples of listings that automotive repair shops can benefit from:

  1. Automotive Repair Listing Services – There are listing services on the Internet focused specifically on the automotive repair industry. They generally include a company profile with a website link. Sites such as Repair Pal and Extreme Wrench provide general automotive repair shop listings while sites such as Bimmer Shops (BMW) provide listings of specialty shops. All links will increase Internet visibility while boosting search engine rankings.
  2. Service Provider Listings – Listings such as Angie’s List offer a combination of business listings by category as well as reviews. Many consumers make use of these types of listings when searching for a service provider.
  3. American Automobile Association – Becoming an AAA shop has more benefits than an Internet backlink however it does provide another listing and will help to drive business from a specific target market to the shop.
  4. Suppliers – Tire and parts suppliers sometimes provide listings of shops that carry their products. This offers another place for an Internet presence as well as backlinks to the shop website.
  5. Associations – Industry trade associations such as the Automotive Service Council (ASC) list their members on their website. The credibility of the trade association boosts the online presence of its members.

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