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Market Differentiation Strategies in Automotive Repair

Differentiation strategies focus on developing and promoting offerings that set a business apart from the competition. Employing this type of strategy can have an impact on customer acquisition as well as retention. Delivering things that are unique in the customer experience will elevate satisfaction to a higher level. Differentiation can be the key to excelling over the competition. There are many opportunities for differentiation in automotive repair. This writing will focus on four key areas:

  1. Technology – The use of technology can be a powerful differentiating factor in any business. In the automotive repair business technological capabilities can be leveraged to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace … Read More >>
  2. Price/Quality – Price and quality are often viewed as two competing objectives. And that can very well be true. However achieving the optimum balance between the two can be the key to success … Read More >>
  3. Product – Product differentiation in automotive repair equates to specialization in service offerings. As in any business model there are pros and cons to this strategy … Read More >>
  4. Customer Service – In automotive repair customer service is all encompassing. Every aspect of the business affects customer relations … Read More >>

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