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The Importance of Organization and Leadership in Automotive Repair

Organization in a business provides a stable work environment. The basis for employee retention rests on stability. When people know what to do and what to expect they sense security. Clearly defining the processes within an organization, setting realistic achievable goals and providing feedback in a constructive manner are components of organization and leadership:

  1. Clearly Defined Processes – When processes such as vehicle check in and safety inspections are well defined and documented employees are clear on what is expected and they see that the business is being managed. There are many processes within an auto repair operation and the better they’re defined the more employees will recognize management and leadership.
  2. Achievable Objectives – When employees are given goals that are realistic and attainable they gain a feeling of accomplishment and morale is positive. If they’re put in a position in which they can’t complete the work they’re assigned morale will suffer. If promises are made to customers and employees are not able to honor those promises negativity will result. If not enough work is completed for the shop to be successful the result will also be negative. So setting the right goals and loading the right amount of work into the shop is critical to employee retention.
  3. Reviews and Feedback – Annual reviews are an important part of the employer/employee relationship. They’re an opportunity for the employer to offer motivation. Employers can provide feedback on performance to employees on an ongoing basis as well as during the review process. It’s important that feedback is provided in a constructive manner.

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