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Providing Career Growth and Security in Automotive Repair

In automotive repair the environment is continually changing as technological advances are made and methods of performing maintenance and repair are improved. Employees must feel that they’re not in danger of being left behind. Ongoing training for personnel is an important factor in attracting and retaining good people. Opportunity for growth and advancement as well as a secure future influence employee retention as well. Following are key points on career growth and security:

  1. Training – This can be one of the most significant factors in attracting and retaining quality personnel. In automotive repair technology keeps moving forward and keeping personnel up to date in affected areas is critical to earning employee loyalty. Care must be taken when investing in this area. Sometimes shops make a significant investment in an employee only to have the person leave and take the expertise elsewhere. So training and education must be considered along with an overall strategy of employee retention.
  2. Internal Opportunities for Career Progression – Some people seek advancement and some don’t. For those that do the perception that there is no upward career path can be a frequent cause of employee turnover. If a shop employs one or more master technicians and other less skilled employees aren’t given the opportunity to improve their skills they may decide to look elsewhere for employment. Giving less skilled employees assignments that are above their current level will allow them a chance to grow.
  3. Security – An employee must feel confident that their livelihood is stable and reliable. If they know that the company that employs them will continue to provide work and ability to earn a living they’ll be motivated to stay. Employees should be cognizant of successes in marketing and management efforts in order to realize that the business is being run effectively.

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