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Employer/Employee Relationships in Automotive Repair

The employer/employee relationship can be one of the most significant factors in employee retention. Employees who feel position about their relationship with their employer will be more motivated to stay with a company than to leave and go elsewhere. Some business owners are adept at getting along with others and therefore good relationships come naturally. Focusing on the management aspects of relationships can contribute to longevity in employee relationships. Following are points on employer/employee relationships:

  1. Involve Employees in Decisions – People support decisions they’re included in. When an important change in the business occurs and people are involved in determining how to handle the change they take ownership of the solution. When they’re excluded from the decision process they’ll be less likely to feel a need to make the solution work.
  2. Recognize Contributions – When employees show initiative and make positive contributions it’s important that they feel appreciated. Recognition is a good thing but top performers should also be compensated accordingly. Significant contributions should be rewarded in a commensurate way.
  3. Two-Way Communication – Employees should be able to offer ideas and be heard. Employers can become resistant to change just as easily as employees. When this happens they become unreceptive to employee suggestions. This can result in low morale and have a demotivating effect on employees.
  4. Respect – Employees should always be treated with respect. Employee retention is just as important as customer retention. And a business owner would not be disrespectful to a customer. It’s necessary to maintain a position of authority but that doesn’t require taking a superior attitude. Respect is earned when it is given.

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