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Employee Retention Strategies in Automotive Repair

In business – investment in employee retention can be one of the most significant contributors to success. Employee turnover can be very costly. It can result in lost revenue and increased expenditures. Evaluation of the investment made in employee retention versus potential losses will reveal that a positive return will be realized. Following are key points on employee retention in automotive repair:

  1. Hire the Right People – Hiring employees is a critical aspect of managing an automotive repair business. Mistakes can be very costly while prudence can bring very positive results … Read More >>
  2. Provide Competitive Compensation – Although there are many factors that will attract and retain employees the primary reason people go to work each day is to earn a living. In this area the shop is marketing itself as a desirable place to work and the employee pool in the local area is the target market … Read More >>
  3. Offer Career Growth and Security – In automotive repair the environment is continually changing as technological advances are made and methods of performing maintenance and repair are improved. Employees must feel that they’re not in danger of being left behind … Read More >>
  4. Provide Organization and Leadership – Organization in a business provides a stable work environment. The basis for employee retention rests on stability … Read More >>
  5. Be Careful in Employer/Employee Relationships – The employer/employee relationship can be one of the most significant factors in employee retention. Employees who feel position about their relationship with their employer will be more motivated to stay with a company than to leave and go elsewhere … Read More >>

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