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Running a Paperless Automotive Repair Shop

In many automotive repair shops today the use of paper has been reduced to a significant degree. Using paper contributes to decreased productivity as many actions are duplicated. When something is first written on paper then entered into the computer it is being done twice. In addition to duplication of effort – the possibility of error is increased. Automating processes reduces operating costs and increases productivity. Following are areas in the automotive repair process that lend themselves to automation:

  1. The Vehicle Check In Process – Before the advent of computerized auto repair systems a preprinted form was used to check a vehicle in. This form would be attached to a clipboard and the repair requirements, estimated price and damage marks were recorded on it … Read More >>
  2. Technician Work and Information Reporting – In a shop using paper – technicians are assigned work on printed work orders and information concerning inspections, diagnoses and recommendations are communicated back to the service adviser on paper. When these processes are automated paper usage is greatly reduced and overall productivity is increased as duplication of effort is eliminated … Read More >>
  3. The Vehicle Delivery Process – When returning the vehicle to the owner after repairs are performed there are parts of the process that can be handled with paper or automated. When these steps are automated – paper use as well as handling and storage costs are reduced … Read More >>

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