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Achieving a Paperless Auto Repair Vehicle Delivery Process

When returning the vehicle to the owner after repairs are performed there are parts of the process that can be handled with paper or automated. When these steps are automated – paper use as well as handling and storage costs are reduced. These process enhancements result in improved productivity and greater convenience to the customer. Following are areas of the vehicle delivery process that can be automated:

  1. Digital Credit Card Authorization – Depending on the circumstances often payment for auto repairs is made via credit card. If this is done on a separate credit card machine – a common practice is to print a receipt from the credit card machine which the customer signs then the receipt is kept by the shop. Then the payment is entered into the computer system. When this process is automated the customer signs on the credit card device, the signature is stored digitally and the payment is recorded by the shop software in a single step. This streamlines the process and eliminates the paper receipt.
  2. Electronic Repair Review – In delivering the vehicle to the customer – part of the process often involves reviewing the repairs performed. Often shops will print the invoice in advance of the customer arrival and then go over the repairs with the person when they come to pick the vehicle up. When this process is automated the customer is able to review the invoiced repairs electronically. This may be done on a screen at the shop, via email or some other means.
  3. Digital Final Invoice Approval – In many areas of the country the automotive repair shop is required to obtain signature authorization on the final invoice including warranty terms. In many cases when it’s not required – shops view it as good business practice and incorporate it into the vehicle delivery process. In a shop using paper the invoice is printed, the customer signs it and the signed copy is filed and kept by the shop. When this process is automated the customer approves the invoice with a digital signature, the final invoice is stored digitally at the shop and an electronic copy is forwarded to the customer.

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