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Eliminating Paper Use by the Auto Repair Technician

In a shop using paper – technicians are assigned work on printed work orders and information concerning inspections, diagnoses and recommendations are communicated back to the service advisor on paper. When these processes are automated paper usage is greatly reduced and overall productivity is increased as duplication of effort is eliminated. Following are areas that affect technician work and can be handled without paper:

  1. Printed Work Orders – In a shop that is partially computerized – repair orders are created in a software system then work orders are printed and forwarded to technicians that will perform the work. When the printed work order is eliminated the technician works from a computer and/or mobile device. The technician can see what work is to be performed and in what order to perform it.
  2. Automated Inspections – Auto repair shops will perform one or more inspections on a vehicle. These were traditionally done with a checklist type of form on a clipboard. When this process is automated the inspection process is performed using a mobile device. This eliminates duplication of effort and increases productivity.
  3. Electronic Diagnoses – When a customer brings their car to a shop often there is a problem that needs to be diagnosed. In a shop using paper the diagnosis and findings with recommended repairs would be written on paper and forwarded to the service advisor to be communicated to the customer and the recommended services sold. When the paper is eliminated – the technician is able to enter their information into the computer system via computer or mobile device. This eliminates duplication of effort and reduces room for error.
  4. Recommendations – In a shop working from paper recommended repairs that come about as the result of inspection or diagnosis are handwritten on paper and forwarded to the service advisor to be entered into the computer system and sold to the customer. When this process is automated the recommendations are entered either as text or fully built by the technician. This eliminates the use of paper and improves productivity.

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