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Inbound Marketing Strategies for Automotive Repair

Inbound marketing is a term that refers to a marketing method based on providing value and building relationships over time. Conversely traditional marketing or advertising is referred to as outbound marketing. Inbound marketing information can be shared a number of ways with the most prevalent being email and website. Inbound messages should be short enough to read in a few minutes and provide information of value to the reader. Inbound marketing can be an effective method of attracting and retaining customers in the automotive repair business. Following are key points on inbound marketing in auto repair:


  1. Inbound Marketing and Providing Value – Inbound marketing is based on building relationships over time by providing value. Through value trust is established and appreciation is gained … Read More >>
  2. Inbound Marketing and the Auto Repair Website – Outbound marketing refers to traditional advertising of services offered and benefits provided while inbound marketing involves providing value and building relationships over time … Read More >>
  3. Building an Inbound Marketing Mailing List – Inbound marketing focuses on providing value and building relationships over time. Providing information of value by email on a regular basis is a proven inbound marketing technique … Read More >>

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