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Providing Value through Inbound Marketing in Automotive Repair

Inbound marketing is based on building relationships over time by providing value. Through value trust is established and appreciation is gained. Communicating and sharing valuable information to vehicle owners is an area in which automotive repair experts can excel. Most repair shop owners have extensive knowledge on vehicle maintenance and ownership as well as excellent communication skills. Following are some examples of topics vehicle owners would find valuable:

  1. Lowering Cost of Vehicle Ownership – Vehicle owners will appreciate tips on how to save money. Automotive repair experts know many ways to reduce the cost of vehicle ownership and sharing them with vehicle owners will provide much value.
  2. Ensuring Vehicle Safety – Safety is a very important aspect of vehicle ownership. Tips on how to make sure a vehicle is safe are very valuable to vehicle owners.
  3. Why Preventive Maintenance is Necessary – Many vehicle owners don’t understand the reason for preventive maintenance. They’re told to have their vehicle serviced at specified intervals but usually aren’t given an explanation as to why. For example, why should a vehicle have an oil change after 4 months when it’s only been driven 100 miles?

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