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Inbound Marketing and the Auto Repair Website

Outbound marketing refers to traditional advertising of services offered and benefits provided while inbound marketing involves providing value and building relationships over time. The automotive repair website can be an integral component of an inbound marketing strategy. While the main purpose of the website is advertising a certain portion of the site can be directed at inbound marketing. Following are key points on the website and inbound marketing:

  1. Outbound Content –When people search for an automotive service provider they’re generally looking for specific expertise and/or services provided. So the primary purpose of the website is to communicate the qualifications of the shop and the benefits a vehicle owner will derive by engaging with the business.
  2. Inbound Content – Providing information of value to vehicle owners will attract website visitors that are looking for information. When they visit to find this information they’ll also have easy access to the other website content. Also they’ll remember the business as a source of value. A blog is a good way to deliver value for this purpose.
  3. The Proper Mix – The majority of the information on an automotive repair website should be devoted to outbound marketing content or advertising. But devoting a reasonable amount of space to inbound marketing content will prove to be a good investment. Attracting visitors for the value provided by the inbound content will make the outbound marketing more effective.

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