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Three Key Points on the Automotive Repair Website

A well-constructed website can be critical to the success of an automotive repair business. There are many factors that contribute to the effectiveness of a website but they all boil down to being found and connecting with prospective customers when they visit the site. An effective website will communicate the benefits of doing business with the automotive repair shop while at the same time attracting visitors. Following are keys to an effective website:

  1. The Basic Components of a Website – The website can be the most important factor an automotive repair business has in attracting new business. People search for services on the Internet more and more. Being found on the Internet is a major consideration in website construction but equally as important is connecting with customers after being found … Read More >>
  2. Search Engine Optimization – An otherwise well-built website can be rendered less effective if it isn’t found by prospective customers. So it’s important when constructing a website to include factors that positively impact search engine rankings … Read More >>
  3. The Value of a Blog – A blog can be a powerful part of a website and can provide significant benefits. The most widely used platform for website blogs is WordPress and statistics tell us that about 25 percent of all websites in the US use WordPress … Read More >>

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