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The Value of a Website Blog in Automotive Repair

A blog can be a powerful part of a website and can provide significant benefits. The most widely used platform for website blogs is WordPress and statistics tell us that about 25 percent of all websites in the US use WordPress. Blogging can contribute a great deal to relationship building and additionally can serve to boost search engine rankings. Following are points on the benefits of a website blog for automotive repair shops:

  1. Providing Value – The underlying premise of relationship building is providing value. A blog provides a forum for the sharing of useful information thus building and sustaining relationships in an un-intrusive manner.
  2. Establishing Credibility – Providing valuable information establishes a profile of industry expertise for an automotive repair business. The average vehicle owner doesn’t understand automobile concepts at the level of an expert and will appreciate the sharing of knowledge in this area.
  3. Increasing Website Changes – When a post is made to a blog it will register as a change to the website. This in turn will register with search engines and boost rankings.
  4. Increasing Inbound Traffic – When people visit a blog to read postings the activity will register and be counted by search engines. This will result in higher search engine rankings.

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