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The Automotive Repair Website and Search Engine Optimization

An otherwise well-built website can be rendered less effective if it isn’t found by prospective customers. So it’s important when constructing a website to include factors that positively impact search engine rankings. The right words and phrases, links, mobile device compatibility, periodic changes and number of visitors can all affect search engines. Following are five factors to consider regarding websites and search engine optimization:

  1. Keyword and Search Terms – Having the right terms on a website landing page can make the difference between being found and being unknown on the Internet. The landing page of a website should contain keywords and terms that are used by customers when searching for automotive repair services. These can easily be found by searching on the Internet for ‘auto repair most used search terms’. Having the right words and phrases on a website will make sure the search engines find it.
  2. Links – Both inbound and outbound links affect search engine rankings. Links to other companies from a website can improve search engine rankings. An even greater impact can be recognized by inbound links or links to a website from other websites.
  3. Mobile Device Compatibility – Today about half of all web traffic is on mobile devices (phones and tablets). And this percentage is projected to continue to grow. So a website that is not mobile device compatible will miss out on a good deal of traffic. Additionally search engines give a higher ranking to websites that are mobile device compatible.
  4. Website changes – Search engines will recognize when a website has been changed and this will affect its ranking. Therefore it’s important to update a website periodically. If a website remains static and doesn’t change it will be given a lower search engine ranking.
  5. Visitors – Search engines rank websites based on the number of visits. The higher the number of visitors to a site the higher it will appear on the list when a customer searches. So it’s important to encourage people to visit the website as often as possible.

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