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Four Basic Automotive Repair Website Components

The website can be the most important factor an automotive repair business has in attracting new business. People search for services on the Internet more and more. Being found on the Internet is a major consideration in website construction but equally as important is connecting with customers after being found. A website should establish credibility, build trust, highlight benefits provided by the business and establish a connection between what the customer seeks and what the business provides. Following are four of the components that should be included in an effective website:

  1. Unique Value Proposition – A statement of what sets a business apart from the competition should be a primary component on the landing page of its website. Although consumers may search the Internet for services provided they’ll make choices based on anticipated benefits.
  2. Credibility and Trust – A website should serve to build credibility and create trust. Demonstrating industry expertise and including references to established partners are methods of establishing credibility. Reviews from satisfied customers will build trust. Information about the business owner including his or her name is an important factor in establishing a relationship founded on trust.
  3. Contact Information – Business address, phone number and email capability are critical. Address and phone number should be prominently displayed on the landing page. Prospective customers should be able to easily contact the business to arrange for service.
  4. Keywords and Phrases – Terms that people think of when seeking auto repair service should be included on the website. These serve to establish the connection between what the customer seeks and what the business provides.

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