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Automotive Repair Business Year End Check Up

At the end of the year and before the start of a new business year businesses take stock of where they stand and make plans for the upcoming year. At this point it’s a good time to revisit some existing business practices and possibly plan to adopt some new ones in order to ensure business success. Stepping back and assessing key areas of the business can provide a significant competitive advantage. Following are key areas to include in a year end checkup:

  1. Business Strategy – Before the start of a new year a business should conduct a review of the strategies that will be employed to guide the company. Everything begins with strategy and all planning such as budgeting is dictated by the strategies to be employed … Read More >>
  2. Business Operations – When looking back at the previous year and ahead at the year to come the processes within an organization should be evaluated for potential improvement. Processes can be looked at from a cost perspective and from a sales perspective … Read More >>
  3. Follow Up – Following up with prospects and customers can make a big difference in the amount of business earned. A follow up can help to bring in business but also can serve to identify the reasons for business loss … Read More >>

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