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Business Culture and the Work Environment

The culture of a small business is determined by the owner and can be either positive or negative. Business culture can have a significant impact on the work environment and ultimately business success. A positive business culture will affect productivity and the difference can be huge. Customer service – the ultimate goal of any business – will be impacted either positively or negatively by the underlying business culture. And business growth will be positive or stagnant dependent on culture.

  1. Productivity – A positive business culture will have a profound influence on productivity. In fact some estimates peg the affect at 20-30 percent. Establishing and cultivating a positive culture translates to business success. When members of the organization understand what company mission and objectives are everyone works together toward a common goal. Thus achieving goals becomes easier. A positive culture reduces workplace stress thus employees are happier and naturally contribute more.
  2. Customer Service – A positive business culture in turn leads to better customer service. Company mission and value proposition are directed at what will be delivered to the customer. When employees focus on accomplishing these things customer service naturally improves.
  3. Business Growth – Superior customer service leads to improved business growth. Customer retention rates increase and new customers are more readily acquired. A positive business culture leads to greater business growth and success. In fact business culture is one of the major contributing factors in business success.

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