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3 Points on Business Culture in Automotive Repair

The values and practices shared by the members of an organization are referred to as organizational culture. In a small business the culture is largely determined by the owner. A clear mission and value proposition are the foundation of positive culture. Communication of these objectives creates the culture of the business. And a solid strategy supporting the company mission allows members of the organization understand how to accomplish shared goals and objectives. Following are three points on business culture:

  1. Business Culture and Mission Achievement – The foundation of business culture is shared goals and objectives. In the automotive repair business vehicles are repaired and customers pay for these services. However most small business owners have much greater ideas of service delivery and benefits they strive to provide for customers … Read More >>
  2. Top Down Business Culture Definition – Business culture starts at the top. This is even more pronounced in a small business. Culture is largely based on principles and how people are treated … Read More >>
  3. Business Culture and the Work Environment – The culture of a small business is determined by the owner and can be either positive or negative. Business culture can have a significant impact on the work environment and ultimately business success … Read More >>

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