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Relationships with Superiors in Automotive Repair

In business everyone has relationships with superiors in one form or another. In whatever context the relationship exists the success of the relationship falls primarily to the subordinate. Employees must get along with supervisors and business owners must get along with customers. Their livelihood depends on it. The evaluation of an employee or business owner by superiors will determine the level of success they achieve.

  1. Supervisors – An employee in an automotive repair business will have a subordinate to superior relationship with a supervisor. Although an experienced supervisor recognizes a certain degree of responsibility in getting along with subordinates the onus falls mainly on the person in the subordinate role. They must accept and follow instructions and direction provided by their supervisor.
  2. Customers – As a business owner the primary relationship with superiors is with customers. In the automotive repair industry sometimes the owner is the main point of contact with customers but often this is handled by service advisors and others. So the direct relationships vary according to circumstance. But the underlying reality is that the business owner is responsible for positive customer relationships.
  3. Government – An auto repair business owner must comply with rules and regulations imposed by various government entities. Federal, state and local governments enact laws that automotive businesses must abide by. Often these relationships are indirect but in some instances auto repair shops have direct relationships with government officials.

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