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Relationships with Subordinates in Automotive Repair

Relationships with subordinates may be the least challenging of the business relationship types as the subordinate must please the person in a position of authority. However relationships with subordinates are an important key to success and efforts to foster positive relationships in this area will yield positive results. Excellent relationships with employees result in team members that are engaged in the goals of the business. Positive relations with suppliers foster higher service quality. All in all efforts directed at building positive subordinate relationships contribute significantly to business success.

  1. Employees – As an automotive repair shop owner interacting with employees will be part of the business environment. If the shop is big enough there may be levels of management and there may be employees that the owner doesn’t interact directly with as there are other direct supervisors. In whatever capacity interacting with subordinates may be the easiest of the relationship types encountered in business as the person in the subordinate role must adapt to their superior. However, if an owner or manager doesn’t maintain positive relationships with subordinates morale and productivity may suffer and turnover may be higher. So developing skills in building relationships with subordinates can contribute significantly to business success.
  2. Suppliers – Relationships with vendors contribute significantly to business success in automotive repair. Although there may be several companies competing for your business cultivating positive relationships and supporting vendor efforts to provide services will facilitate business success. Just as customers can be positive or difficult to deal with for an automotive repair business – an auto repair shop can be easy or tough for a vendor to support. And likewise a vendor is more likely to go the extra mile and offer more competitive service to a shop that’s more desirable to deal with.

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